About S&S

Shotgun stocks plus other fine gun work.

Owners Mike Lupold and Jon Raymond came to Montana from different parts of Nevada over 20 years ago. Both are avid hunters and outdoorsmen, both love all shooting sports, and both have trained with master stock makers and gunsmiths and understand the importance of precise gun fit and shooting technique. So it was no surprise when they finally met during a shoot at the world-class Big Sky Sporting Clays course in Polson about 12 years ago, and ended up strategizing about building perfect “point of impact” gunstocks and starting a business together.

About Jon

Guided by his passion for shooting and creating art from wood, Jon knew early in life that he wanted to design gunstocks. He became an apprentice to a stock maker who learned the trade in shops like Purdey, Holland and Holland, and Stevens. He learned how making minute changes in the way a gun fits could make substantial improvements in shooting accuracy. Since then, Jon has fitted some of the nation’s top men and women sporting clays, trap and skeet shooters and countless hunters who just wanted to shoot better in the field.

In order to be more familiar with shooter’s needs, and improve his own field shooting, Jon got involved in sporting clays a dozen years ago. He also joined the National Shoot to Retrieve organization so he could work and judge field trials with the pointing dogs he raises and trains. Jon is still active in those diversions as time permits.

About Mike

Mike’s appreciation for a properly fitting gun came another way. He had several of his guns restocked and quickly recognized that proper fit improved his shooting significantly. As his shooting reputation grew so did his desire to learn the fine points of stock fit in order to help other shooters, so Mike worked with a renowned Montana gunsmith and stock maker to learn the trade.

But Mike felt that while gun fit was essential to shooting higher scores, correct shooting techniques were equally as important. He wanted his friends and fellow shooters to reach their highest potential, so he earned his National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor certificates so he could take an active role in training. Mike says there is no greater feeling than when a student makes that next great step in personal accomplishment and maybe wins a tournament because of his instruction.

Why S & S Plus?

S & S Plus offers an incredibly effective combination that few shops can match: proper gun fit and correct shooting techniques.

Jon Raymond: In my view, no one job is more important than any other. Working on a personal level with each client to learn exactly what they want helps us take ownership of their needs and creates a strong commitment on both sides.

Mike Lupold: We have enjoyed tremendous success in a short period because we have the passion and desire to ensure every client is thoroughly satisfied with our service and products when shooting.